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          The Oklahoma Chapter of the Association of College and Research Libraries (OK-ACRL) provides opportunities for professional growth and communication among academic and research librarians. It encourages the exchange of ideas and information relating to library development, and works to enhance library service to all users of academic and research libraries in Oklahoma.

The Board of OK-ACRL wants to serve the needs of academic libraries and librarians. We encourage you to make your wishes known to the Board.

What sorts of comments?
bulletComments about the Fall Conference or suggestions for the next Conference.
bulletWhat can OK-ACRL do for you?
bulletHow can we encourage you and your colleagues to become more involved in OK-ACRL?
bulletOther comments or questions.

Comments to OK-ACRL

Responses to your comments normally will be sent via email. If you prefer a phone call or mail, please provide that contact information and indicate your preference in your comments.


Last Update: 6 January 2011
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