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OK-ACRL Board Meeting Minutes


Oklahoma Chapter - Association of College and Research Libraries

January 14, 2011
Online through Vyew


Minutes submitted by Toni Hoberecht

Present: Amanda Lemon, Kiem Ta, David Oberhelman, Toni Hoberecht, Casey Ashe, Adam Brennan, Jenny Remple, Emily Brown, Hui-Fen Chang, Jason Cimock, Beth Jones, Ona Britton

1. Call to Order

a. Amanda Lemon called the meeting to order at 12:30 pm.

2. Minutes

a. Minutes from the December meeting have not yet been posted, but will be soon.

3. Treasurer's Report

a. Current statement reports a balance of $8,034.80

b. Tax-exempt status

i. Several years ago, Kiem Ta started the process of gathering materials to file for OK-ACRL to become a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

ii. The application requires current year and the previous three years of the organization's financial information.

iii. Kiem Ta provided a checklist of documents needed to complete the application, and hopes that the board can complete this application by the end of this semester.

4. Report from Subgroups


i. No report

ii. Next meeting is January 28.


i. No report

ii. Next meeting is in February.


i. No report

ii. Next meeting is in February.

5. Fall Conference Evaluations

a. Evaluations from Fall Conference have been distributed to the board.

b. Member feedback was generally positive.

c. The board discussed retaining lightning talks and interest group meetings for future conferences, with minor changes to format.

6. Volunteer Mentoring Program

a. Mentors are working actively with mentees/protégés.

b. Activities include job shadowing and CV review

c. Possibility of CV/job application workshop for mentees/protégés.

7. Membership Satisfaction Survey

a. Board had no objections to a member satisfaction survey

b. OU-Tulsa Qualtrics survey software will be used.

c. Toni Hoberecht will draft the survey and send it for comments to board members.

d. Target date for sending survey to membership is February 28th.

8. Website Redesign

a. Jason Dupree will chair the subcommittee, and there will also be a member from each subgroup, as well as a board member, for a total of five on the subcommittee.

b. Membership for this subcommittee will be finalized by March 11.

9. Bylaws

a. The bylaws are in need of minor revision, for example, to address the requirement that there needs to be two candidates for each board vacancy.

b. Revisions will be made by subcommittee.

c. The following people volunteered to be on the bylaws subcommittee: Kiem Ta, Beth Jones, Jason Cimock, Hui-Fen Chang, David Oberhelman, and Ona Briton.

d. Amanda Lemon will send an email to the above to confirm their membership in this subcommittee, and to provide them with access to a working Google doc.

10. Group Contact

a. There have been problems with Yahoo groups and the Yahoo listserv as the main vehicle for group contact.

b. Adam Brennan proposed using the OneNet listserv software, which uses the Mailman server. We should be able to use it at no cost.

c. Subgroups and the membership listserv can also move to OneNet. Moderation is an option.

d. Fee-based software is available to extract archives from the Yahoo listserv at low cost.

e. Casey Ashe and Adam Brennan will work on this project. They will summarize the listserv requirements and send them to the board, and will also report on the final details of their findings at next month's board meeting.

11. Librarian Award

a. Emily Brown, Beth Jones, and possibly Casey Ashe and Sarah Clark will work on the criteria for an OK-ACRL Librarian award, and will report at the February meeting.

12. Member duties besides board duties

a. Clair Powers is currently administering the OK-ACRL Facebook page.

b. Amanda Lemon is currently working on the newsletter, and will create a Twitter profile.

c. Toni Hoberecht will assist with the newsletter and blog, and Jason Cimock will assist with the newsletter.

13. Joint conference with SLA

a. Kevin Drees from SLA contacted Amanda Lemon concerning having a face-to-face meeting in preparation for our joint conference this fall.

b. The meeting is tentatively scheduled for February 11. Toni Hoberecht will reserve a meeting room at the 71st and Lewis Panera in Tulsa for this meeting.

14. Other

a. There was no other agenda items.

15. Adjourn

a. Amanda Lemon adjourned the meeting at 1:53 pm.




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Oklahoma Chapter - Association of College and Research Libraries

February 11, 2011
Platt College Culinary Institute's Foundations Restaurant, Tulsa, OK

SLA/OK-ACRL Joint Meeting

Attendance: Lemon, Amanda (OK-ACRL); Ta, Kiem (SLA & OK-ACRL); Oberhelman, D (OK-ACRL); Chang, Huifen (OK-ACRL); Powers, Clair (OK-ACRL); Jones, Beth (OK-ACRL); Brown Emily (OK-ACRL); Ashe, Casey (OK-ACRL); Drees, Kevin (SLA); Bierman, James (SLA).

1. Conference Topic

  • Discussion over conference theme. Decided upon "leadership and creativity" as our angle. Further discussion on theme pinpointed self-leadership as well as library leadership and leadership as a whole (campus wide) as sub-themes.
  • Possible speakers: OSU Provost, Dr. Robert J. Sternberg
    • Kevin will contact Dr. Sternberg to see if he would be interested in speaking for our group on either Friday, Nov. 4th or 11th in 2011.

  • Other potential speaker would be Martin Tadlock (NSU, Broken Arrow)

2. Location:

  • Possible location: Stillwater Public Library (would be free)
  • As soon as we have our speaker and date confirmed, David O. will contact SPL.

3. Costs/Profits (50/50 split or formula):

  • James Bierman proposed the following:
    • "OK-SLA would like to advance a new proposal for a joint conference, one that would 1) share the production costs 50/50, 2) share proceeds 50/50, but only up to the production costs, so that both organizations recoup their initial investments, and 3) share the proceeds above the production cost threshold (i.e. profit) via percentages calculated by attendee organization affiliation. This would help insure that both organizations will at least break even, and reward an organization's greater conference participation with better returns."
    • Groups both approved this way of handling costs and profits from the conference.
  • Discussed using an online registration form (but not accepting payments) that would help both treasurers sort members before the conference date.
    • Possible online registration forms:
      • Jason Dupree's online web form (used successfully for COIL in the past)
      • Google Docs Forms
      • Servs

4. Vendor sponsorship:

  • Amanda will contact Gale, Films on Demand, EBSCO, PRoQuest, and LibGuides for either financial or promotional handouts for Fall conference (as soon as speaker and date are confirmed).

5. Encouraging OU SLIS students to attend plus overall attendance:

  • OK-ACRL can notify OU SLIS students through their mentor program. Other possible marketing venues include contacting different college and university, specifically the faculty centers for learning and technology.
  • Social media marketing through Facebook, Twitter, etc.
    • Breakdown of conference day:
      • Keynote speaker in AM
      • Breakout sessions in PM
      • Look at staff development in own colleges/universities for potential speakers/presentations.

Regular Board Meeting

Present: Lemon, Amanda; Ta, Kiem; Oberhelman, D; Chang, Huifen; Powers, Clair; Jones, Beth; Brown, Emily; Ashe, Casey.

Not present: Cimock, Jason; Britton, Ona; Leech, Robin; Hoberecht, Toni.

1. Welcome/Minutes

Meeting commenced around 1:30pm.

2. Treasurer's Report

  • Beth has gone back through and balanced accounts and taken the handwritten ledger information and placed it into GNU Cash, an online program. Discussed making this process (reconciling the account) part of the treasurer's duties.
  • $8,122.08 - current OK-ACRL balance.
  • Side discussion (started by Amanda) about membership dues: Are we tracking who is a national member and who is state member? Not really. President and President-Elect are supposed to be national members, Board can be either ACRL or State members.
  • Collecting dues: Do we want to send reminder notices to state members? Or, not?
    Since most people pay the $15 when they register at the Fall conference, we might start the process of letting people know on the registration form that they are paying their dues (and making membership active for the proceeding January to December calendar year).
    • Beth came up with a sample three box checklist that could be used on future registration forms:
      • $50 OK-ACRL member registration fee
      • $50 Registration fee + $15 OK-ACRL Membership fee dues for January - December of 2012
      • $65 Non OK-ACRL member registration fee
  • 501©3 update: If we get nonprofit status what are we required to do? Will we have to file taxes (even if we don't have to pay)? Will we have to post our financial report? Beth and Emily will contact law librarians and lawyers contacts and follow up.

3. Reports from Subgroups:

    • Next meeting with be at Café 501 in Edmond.
    • Group asked to be reimbursed for a $20 room fee for their meeting space. Request granted.
    • Erin Ingraham (SWOSU) is the new Secretary for PASIG and was also elected to serve as the PASIG member for the Website Redesign Subcommittee.
  • DSIG
    • Recently had their first 2011 meeting over mobile technologies. Minutes are on http://grou.ps/dsig/groups
    • Nicole Sump Crethar was nominated to serve as the DSIG Website Redesign Subcommittee representative.
    • After meeting, Casey informed Amanda that Adam Brennan. will now be taking the lead role for DSIG and attend board meetings.
  • COIL
    • First meeting will be at RSU on Friday, Feb. 25th.
    • COIL on Wheels will be doing a session over podcasting. Toni H, will be the presenter.

4. Joint SLA/OK-ACRL conference:

Nothing to add after joint meeting.

5. OneNet OK-ACRL Listservs:

  • Group discussed Jason D.'s finding in Yahoo Groups' Terms of Service that our group cannot be used solely for storing/archiving old files/messages.
  • Group also discussed using the $25 program (PG Online, http://www.pgoffline.com/index.htm) Amanda found that would export the old messages as, currently, Yahoo offers no such ability.
  • Beth pondered whether the Yahoo Groups administrator could add the Yahoo Group email to their pop3 account in Outlook and download all the messages.
  • Amanda will contact Jason D. about both Beth's idea and his opinion on PG Offline. Group's consensus was if Beth's idea didn't work to go ahead with PG Offline.

6. Volunteer Mentoring Program:

  • Amanda discussed Dr. Taylor's email about a potential CV workshop for OU SLIS students.
  • Group decided that in-person workshops on both campuses(Norman and Tulsa) would be ideal.
  • Amanda will ask when is the best time to do this: April? Evening?
  • Majority of Board members are interested in volunteering.
  • Emily bought up that it is probably a good idea to have a disclaimer with this workshop. That we're not gaurenteeing people jobs, just assisting them with their CVs, etc.

7. Membership Satisfaction Survey:

  • Survey will go out Feb. 28th, 2011.
  • Final additions/deletions/consideration/etc. to the survey need to be done by the 25th.

8. Website Redesign:

  • Update: Nicole Sump Crethar is now the DSIG representative, Erin Ingraham is the PASIG representative.
  • Emily should know COIL's representative after their February meeting. If not, she will serve as the temporary COIL representative.
  • Names of all committee representatives are due to Jason Dupree by March 11th.
  • Amanda will send out voting poll to Board members for the Board representative.

9. Bylaws:

  • Update from subcommittee:
    Jason Cimock: "Everyone put in their initial comments on Google docs, and now we just need to discuss a few of the substantive changes before we can present a final proposal to the board".

10. OK-ACRL Librarian of the Year Award:

  • Update from subcommittee:
    Beth Jones: Subcommittee meet and are still discussing criteria, wording, etc. Group believes they can have everything in place so that we can commence this award this year.

11. Social Media:

  • OK-ACRL how has a Twitter URL: http://twitter.com/okacrl
  • Decided upon HootSuite as we could add Facebook page so we will be able to ping the blog, Facebook page and Twitter account.
  • Clair will need to add the OK-ACRL Facebook page information to HootSuite then we are set up for updating Facebook, Twitter and our blog all at once.

13. Other:

  • Next meeting will be online on Friday, March 11th starting at 12:30pm.

14. Meeting adjourned around 2:30pm.



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Oklahoma Chapter - Association of College and Research Libraries

March 11, 2011
Online through Vyew

Minutes submitted by Toni Hoberecht

Present: Amanda Lemon, Toni Hoberecht, Robin Leech, Emily Brown, Ona Britton-Spears, Adam Brennan, Hui-Fen Chang, Beth Jones, Jenny Rempel, Jason Dupree

1. Call to Order

a. Amanda Lemon called the meeting to order at 1:32 pm.

2. Minutes

a. The February minutes were approved as submitted.

3. Treasurer's Report

a. Current account balance: $8272.06.

b. Beth Jones reported that she will be speaking to Kiem Ta concerning the details of the paperwork regarding our 501 3 (c) submission.

4. Reports from Subgroups:


i. Jenny Remple reported that PASIG met on March 4th for lunch and a discussion.

ii. PASIG will host a dine-around at OLA.

iii. Considering a mini-conference in June.


i. Adam Brennan has taken over the DSIG leadership from Casey Ashe.

ii. Adam reported that DSIG met online in February.

iii. Members should contact Casey if they are interested in his workshop on Second Life best practices.


i. Met on February 25 at Rogers State University at Claremore.

ii. COIL has started a Grou.ps page.

iii. Summer workshop: possibly about instruction basics.

iv. Next scheduled meeting will be in April.

5. OLA Table

a. Table confirmed with Kay Boies

i. Subgroups are reminded that they can also use the table for their promotional materials.

b. Board members should volunteer for table time.

6. One-Net listserv

a. Thanks to Casey Ashe and Adam Brennan for their work in setting up the new OneNet listservs.

b. Transition to the new listservs going smoothly.

c. PASIG and COIL are in the process of transitioning to the OneNet listserv.

d. Transition date for phasing out Yahoo listserv: possibly June.

7. OK-ACRL Career Planning/Preparation Workshop

a. Wednesday, April 13th starting at 7:30pm on both Norman and Tulsa OU campuses

b. Volunteers

i. Emily Brown, Hui-Fen Chang, Ona Britton-Spears, Jason Dupree, and Beth Jones for Norman workshop,

ii. Toni Hoberecht, Robin Leech, and possibly Clair Powers for Tulsa workshop.

c. The volunteers at each site will discuss the session framework for their site.

8. Workshop opportunity

a. Mike Rush of OCALD is interested in partnering with OK-ACRL on a workshop on implementing items in ACRL's Value of Academic Libraries report.

9. Fall Conference

a. Thanks to Kevin Drees of SLA for arranging the Fall conference speaker and location.

b. Next step: catering options for lunch.

c. Amanda Lemon is continuing to look into vendor sponsorships for the conference.

d. Possibility of three tracks of two sessions apiece for the afternoon portion of the conference.

10. Membership Satisfaction Survey

a. The survey will close on Wednesday, March 23rd. A report will be sent to board members at that time.

11. Website Redesign.

a. Website redesign subcommittee members: Erin Ingraham, Beth Jones, Nicole Sump-Crethar, Toni Hoberecht, and Jason Dupree.

12. Bylaws

a. Report written by Jason Cimock. A draft of the bylaws changes is in process, and should be ready by the next meeting.

13. OK-ACRL Librarian of the Year Award

a. Draft of final criteria will be ready by next meeting.

b. Hope to have award ready by Fall conference.

14. Flickr

a. Our paid Flickr account is out of space. We will investigate other options.

15. Next Meeting

a. April 8 at TCC in Tulsa

16. Adjournment

a. Amanda Lemon adjourned the meeting at 3:05 pm.



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Oklahoma Chapter - Association of College and Research Libraries

April 8, 2011
SE Tulsa Community College

Minutes submitted by Toni Hoberecht

Present: Amanda Lemon, Toni Hoberecht, Emily Brown, Hui-Fen Chang, Robin Leech, Casey Ashe, David Oberhelman, Jason Cimock, Beth Jones. Guest: Mike Rusk

1. Call to Order

a. Amanda Lemon called the meeting to order at 1:00pm.

2. Meeting with TCC Dean Mike Rusk/OCALD

a. Possible conference or workshop on the ACRL report "Value of Academic Libraries".

b. Dean Rusk discussed the importance of this report and the desirability of Oklahoma Libraries implementing some of its recommendations.

c. OK-ACRL Board will discuss the possibility of working on this project, and requests more information from Dean Rusk and OCALD as to its role in any future conference or workshop on this subject.

3. Minutes

a. Minutes will be approved after board has had a chance to review them.

4. Treasurer's Report

a. Current statement reports a balance of $8,034.80.

b. There was discussion of the 501 3 (c) application.

5. Reports from Subgroups


i. 8 people attended the OLA PASIG dinearound.

ii. PASIG will hold a workshop on June 7 at OUHSC.


i. DSIG will have a Vyew meeting on April 20th, and an in-person meeting in June.


i. Next COIL meeting will be April 22 at Oklahoma Christian College.

ii. COIL is considering various web-based social networks for its summer workshop.

6. OLA Table

a. OLA provided OK-ACRL with a table at no cost, due to the table's location.

b. The table had a lot of people stopping by.

c. Next year, consider not staffing the table late on the 2nd day, as there were very few people.

7. OK-ACRL Career Planning/Preparation Workshop

a. Wednesday, April 13th starting at 7:30pm on both Norman and Tulsa OU campuses.

b. Seven SLIS students have registered: five in Norman, two in Tulsa. Walk-ins are encouraged

c. Volunteers for the Tulsa workshop are Robin Leech, Toni Hoberecht, and Clair Powers.

d. Volunteers for the Norman workshop are Beth Jones, Emily Brown, and Amanda Lemon.

8. Fall Conference

a. In response to SLA's response, OK-ACRL Treasurer Beth Jones will handle the financial arrangements on behalf of both organizations.

b. Call for proposals for afternoon track: deadline for submissions by late August/September.

c. Conference logo/title: Original idea was "Creativity and Leadership." OSU volunteered to work on the logo. Robin Leech will coordinate. We will discuss possible titles with SLA.

d. Consider defraying lunch costs for attendees.

9.Membership Satisfaction Survey

a. Survey results were distributed to board members. Results were largely positive.

10. Website Redesign

a. After the formal formation of the subcommittee members, Jason Dupree distributed a list of questions (pros, cons, and wishlist) for website redesign for OK-ACRL's and the subgroup's websites. Subcommittee members are in the process of gathering those results.

11. Bylaws

a. Jason Cimock of the Bylaws subcommittee summarized proposed changes in OK-ACRL by-laws

b. Board will review draft and suggest any changes in wording if necessary.

c. Final draft will come before OK-ACRL membership at the November meeting. Changes become active in 2010.

12. OK-ACRL Librarian of the Year Award

a. Beth Jones reported that a draft has been approved by subcommittee. She will send a copy of the final draft to OK-ACRL board members for review.

13. OK-ACRL Facebook Page

a. Photos from Flickr now imported into Facebook.

b. All social media for OK-ACRL (Twitter, Wordpress blog, Facebook) officially on HootSuite

c. Emily Brown requested that board members send her any COIL photos they may have.

14. Online Meeting Software

a. Jason Dupree's findings:

i. https://www.imeet.com/

ii. https://join.me/

b. Board discussed Vyew, our current online meeting software. Considered paying for Vyew on a monthly basis (as opposed to a longer subscription) to accomodate more than 10 participants at a time, and to use other premium features.

15. OneNet listservs

a. Positive response to listserv move from Yahoo to OneNet. Casey Ashe reports minor issues that have all been easily resolved.

16. OK-ACRL Inventory/Supply Checklist

a. An inventory/supply checklist is now available on Google Docs for all board members to keep track of OK-ACRL supplies. These include items such as the banner and other items that go from president to president every term.

17. Other

a. Conference Registration Giveaway

i. Andy Lupardus of McFarlin Library at the University of Tulsa won the free registration for the Fall 2011 OK-ACRL conference.

18. Adjournment

a. The meeting was adjourned at 2:51pm.



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Oklahoma Chapter - Association of College and Research Libraries

May 6, 2011
Online via Vyew

Present: Amanda Lemon (Chair), Casey Ashe, Emily Brown, Hui-Fen Chang, Jason Cimock, Jason Dupree, Beth Jones, David Oberhelman, Clair Powers, Jenny Remple

1. Call to Order

a. Amanda Lemon called to order @12:30pm

2. Approval of April Minutes

a. Approved by the Board

3. Treasure's Report

a. Current statement reports a balance of $8,317.06

4. Reports from Subgroups

a. PASIG (Amanda Lemon, on behalf of Jenny Remple)

i. Will send the board the expense estimate for the OLA PASIG dine-around

b. DSIG (from Casey Ashe)

i. Last group meeting topic was Open Source Solutions, and discussed iCon conference presentations, and DSIG listserv.

ii. DSIG will have in-person June meeting. Will discuss possible OLA - DSIG future presentations

c. COIL (from Emily Brown)

i. COIL recently received 3 COIL on Wheel requests: 1 for Camtasia and 2 interests on LibGuides

ii. COIL 2011 Summer Workshop

1. Title: unCOILed 2011: Get Schooled! Back to Basics Library Instruction Workshop

2. Date: July 22nd , 9-3:30pm

3. Presentations will focus on: Planning of Instruction, Method of Instruction, Post-Instruction Assessment

4. Will consider have a name tag design contest to win a free registration to the Fall OKACRL Conference

5. Update on meeting with Dean of TCC Library Mike Rusk/OCALD request (from Amanda Lemon)

a. Mike Rusk will continue working with OCALD on the idea of having a workshop over the ACRL report "Value of Academic Libraries" and will contact OK-ACRL next spring

6. Website Redesign Subcommittee update (from Jason Dupree)

a. Subcommittee is in the process of gathering feedback from subgroups

b. During the board meeting: subgroups agree to have an overall design as OKACRL, and still have personalized colors and added aspects on subgroup's pages

7. Bylaws Subcommittee Draft update (from Jason Cimock)

a. No additional feedback after last meeting

b. Revised bylaws were approved by the Board and are ready to be voted on by the membership in November.

8. Outstanding Librarian Award update (from Beth Jones)

a. Results of survey feedback on the Award draft:

i. 50-50 split on the need to re-draft

ii. Beth received questions and comments on:

1. The requirement of minimum 4 years of service to be eligible for the award

2. If receive several good nominees in one year, the possibility of giving out multiple awards or roll over nominees to the next year

iii. Beth will re-post the survey to elicit responses from the board by Friday May 20th

9. 2011 Fall Conference update (Amanda Lemon)

a. A discussion was held during the meeting on the title and logo for the conference

b. Board agreed on the conference title: "Create. OK. Lead: Ignore Barriers to Your Creativity, Start Leading Your Library"

c. Amanda will submit the title to SLA for approval. If approved, will contact OSU Robin Leech and David Thompson to work on the logo design

d. Board will propose to SLA an in-person joint meeting at OSU-Stillwater in June

10. Newsletter reminder (Amanda Lemon)

a. Next publication will be July 2011. Welcome subgroups to submit writings, announcements, etc.

11. Summer meetings

a. No board meeting in August (the 12th) as members will be busy getting ready for the new academic semester

b. Amanda proposed a possible OK-ACRL Mentor/Mentee meet-up luncheon in August, and will take the idea to the June meeting

12. Revisiting 2011 OKACRL goals (Amanda Lemon)

a. We have accomplished a lot! Examples: OK-ACRL member satisfaction survey (completed), new group contact listserv (completed), Bylaws revision (in progress), Outstanding Librarian Award (in progress), Website redesign (ongoing), marketing through newsletters (continuing), OU SLIS Mentorship program CV workshop (completed), Joint Fall Conference with SLA (ongoing)

b. OK Chapter annual report to ACRL is due in July. Amanda asked all subgroups and subcommittees to send report items to her by mid-June so she can include them in the OK-ACRL annual report

13. Other? No further reports

14. Meeting Adjourn: at 1:40pm

Respectfully submitted,
Hui-Fen Chang




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Oklahoma Chapter - Association of College and Research Libraries

June 10, 2011
Online via Google Docs and email

1. Approval of May Minutes: http://bit.ly/mSnGdr (Board voted to approve)

2. Treasurer's Report

    1. Account Balance: $8269.52, spending since last meeting: refunded Emily $25 for COIL posters and refunded myself $22.54 for 250 envelopes and 40 stamps.
      1. So far cost/project profits for COIL workshop:
        1. Cost: postage/envelope for one PO: $0.46 + $25 poster = $25.46
        2. Income: 20 registered x $15 = $300
        3. Est. Profit: $274.54
    2. One outstanding invoice from Fall conference 2010 (TU)
    3. Beth's proposals (to be discussed in July)
      1. Beth wants to start charging late fees for PO's that are not paid within 90 days.
      2. Beth also wants to refuse new PO's from any institution that still has an outstanding PO for a previous conference.
    4. COIL workshop: Draw out $50 in petty cash for change since lots of people pay in cash (Board voted to approve)
    5. Wants to purchase small cash locking box (est. $30) http://www.amazon.com/Sparco-15500-Cash-Tray-Bill/dp/B000UE69TC/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1307364676&sr=8-3 (Board voted to approve)

3. Reports from Subgroups:

    1. PASIG
      1. No report
    2. DSIG
      1. No report
    3. COIL

COIL on Wheels

  • Emily Brown attended an OCALD meeting to advertise COIL on Wheels- the product had a warm reception.
  • Advertising for COIL on Wheels has produced two requests:
    • SEOSU has requested a COIL on Wheels on tutorial creation.
      • Sarah Clark, Emily Brown and Clair Powers will present 7/6/2011
    • RSU has requested a COIL on Wheels on LibGuides
      • Clair Powers, Jason Dupree, and Hui-Fen Chang will present 7/15/2011

COIL Blog (http://coil2007.wordpress.com/)

  • The revival of the COIL Blog has been wildly successful, seeing the highest number of hits since its creation (428 hits in May).

unCOILed 2011: Get Schooled (http://grou.ps/uncoiled2011/home)

  • 21 attendees as of 6/6/2011
  • COIL would like to purchase buttons from Cafe Press
    • http://www.cafepress.com/make/custom-magnets
    • 2.25" Magnet (100 pack) $175.00 (Board voted to approve)
  • COIL would like to purchase a small present for the advertising designer for COIL on Wheels and unCOILed. Requesting $20
  • Estimated cost with shipping $26.80 USD (Board voted to approve)
    • COIL pre-approved for following workshop costs:
      • ESTIMATE for breakfast:
        • Bagels $55.96 (50 count)
        • Coffee $25.18 (2 urns)
        • Juice $29.98 (2 containers)
        • Fruit $49.98 (Feeds 20) *might need more
        • Estimated Total: $161.10
      • ESTIMATE for Afternoon misc
        • Cheese Tray
        • Veggie Tray
        • Water
        • Estimated Total $100
      • Potential added costs (includes half and half, forks, knives, etc)
        • Estimated total $150
      • COIL Would like to be pre-approved for $500 (Board voted to approve)

4. Website Redesign Subcommittee update (Jason D.)

    1. Meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, June 14 @ 1:00pm via Vyew for committee members.

5. Chapter Reimbursement Request form (Amanda Lemon- for July meeting)

6. Revisit credit card system in July (bought up in January by Amanda, re-visited by Emily in June)


June 20, 2011
Oklahoma State University Advanced Technology Research Center
SLA/OK-ACRL Joint Meeting




Amanda Lemon
Emily Brown
Beth Jones
Mike Miesenheimer
Casey Ashe
Adam Brennan
Ona Lou Britton Spears
Jason Cimock
David Oberhelman


Kevin Drees
Susan Hahn
James Bierman
Darcy Rankin

This was a joint meeting with the Oklahoma Chapter of the Special Libraries Association to plan for our fall conference. The meeting included a tour of the facilities. See notes from the tour below.

1. Conference Logo

  • Logos as presented in the shared Google Doc were discussed, and Logo #3 was judged to be the favorite. The logo designer will be asked to make small adjustments to the design.

2. Parking

  • Kevin Drees will investigate parking permits for conference attendees. There was discussion on the feasibility of mailing parking permits and parking directions in advance.

3. Poster sessions vs. Lightning Rounds

  • There will be poster sessions at the conference from 12:30 to 1:00. The poster session proposals will be due on October 7, so that they can be discussed by the OK-ACRL board on the October 14th meeting.
  • Several changes were made to the call of proposals wording. The deadline for the final selection of presenters will be September 9.
  • Amanda Lemon will distribute the Call for Proposals in both paper and email formats.
  • Travel costs will not be reimbursed for presenters, and presenters will not be required to pay for registration. Presenters will recieve gift cards.

4. Sponsorship letter wording

  • There were small changes proposed to the sponsorship letter draft. Members were invited to make changes at their own discretion on the sponsorship letter draft available on Google Docs.
  • Robin Leech will speak to the designer that she used for the conference logo about a trifold vendor brochure.

5. Review of necessary costs

  • Catering - we will review after we see the menu.
  • Conference programs: folder will contain the following:
    1. Day's agenda
    2. Vendor advertising
    3. Abstracts of posters
    4. Speaker bios
    5. Pen/pencil

6. Conference day schedule:

  • Registration and individual group business meeting: 9:30 — 10:30
  • AM Keynote speaker: 10:30 — 11:30
  • Catered lunch: 11:30
  • Poster sessions: 12:30 — 1:00
  • PM breakout session/tracks: 1:00 — 2:00 and 2:00 — 3:00
  • Wrap-up and final announcements: 3:00 — 3:30

Tour notes

  • Main meeting room has a projector, currently running Windows XP. PowerPoint issues are, unfortunately, common.
  • Most people use flash/thumb drives with their own content.
  • The room can accomodate laptops and Macs, with prior preparation.
  • The room seats 85-100 but we can squeeze in more.
  • It's easy to switch equipment when presenters change.
  • Please don't write directly on the elmo.
  • The system uses Microsoft Word 2007.
  • A remote clicker is available. Remote mouses work fine with the house system.
  • A lapel mike is available; there is a mike at the lectern.
  • There are no catering restrictions. We can use any kind of catering we like. The only exception is that there can be no alcohol.
  • Tech support is available.
  • Wireless guest accounts are available. The tech staff needs to know in advance about the wireless accounts. Staff has ten guest accounts, but one account can be used by more than one person. OSU employees can go ahead and use their own campus logons.
  • The building is unlocked at 7am.
  • There is a 40-cup coffee maker available for us to use.
  • The smaller presentation room seats 35. There is no wireless mouse here. Don't put quiet people in either this room or room 103, since it will be hard to hear them.
  • We can go out of the foyer doors, but once we are out, we won't be able to get back in.
  • There is handicap access to the presentation rooms.
  • Food and drink are okay in the presentation rooms, with the exemption of messy foods like pizza. But coffee and pastry are generally okay.
  • There are 6-10 easels available for poster session.
  • Room 105 is the food prep area. There are microwaves, but no stove or stovetop. There is a large fridge.
  • The foyer area is a big, roomy, and well-lit eating room with round tables. It seats about 85.
  • We have several choices for the most appropriate parking lot. The front of the building is ambiguous, so we'll need directional signs on the building.
  • We can use the two small rooms for the poster session.

Respectfully submitted,
Toni Hoberecht



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Oklahoma Chapter - Association of College and Research Libraries

July 8, 2011
Online through Vyew

Attendees: Beth Jones, Adam Brennan, Amanda Lemon, Robin Leach, Clair Powers, Ona Lou Britton Spears, Toni Hoberecht, Jenny Remple, Jason Cimock, Hui-Fen Chang, Sarah Clark

1. Call to order

    1. Amanda Lemon called the meeting to order at 12:30pm.

2. OK-ACRL Outstanding Service Award

    1. There was discussion about some the details of the award nominations. Board members were invited to make changes directly to Google document. Amanda Lemon hoped to be able to send the nomination information to the membership at Large, so that an awardee might be announced at the fall conference. Amanda Lemon commended the subcommittee members for their work on this award.

3. Approval of June Minutes

    1. Both the minutes from the electronic/email meeting and the in-person meeting with SLA in Stillwater were approved.

4. Updates from ACRL

    1. In order to receive membership funding from ACRL, the chapter must have tax documentation on file. Amanda Lemon will contact former treasurer Kiem Ta concerning status on this item.

5. Annual report

    1. Annual report to ACRL is due July 15th, and a draft is available via Google Docs. Amanda Lemon must list our activities in relationship to how they support the ACRL Strategic Plan goals. Board members were requested to look over the draft and make suggestions regarding content.
    2. Amanda Lemon has received items from ACRL that we can give away at the conference, including brochures, key chains, and bookmarks.

6. Treasurer's Report

    1. Current statement reports a balance of $8.105.32.
    2. There was a brief discussion of projected costs/profit for COIL workshop.

7. Reports from Subgroups

    1. PASIG
      1. Jenny Remple reported that there was a good turnout for the PASIG mini-conference, held at the OU Health Sciences Campus. PASIG plans another online meeting soon, and a face-to-face meeting on September 16th.
    2. DSIG
      1. Adam Brennan reported that DSIG met face-to-face in June at the Stone Bluff Winery. DSIG will soon be requesting funds for an order of DSIG magnets, and is still investigating flash drives. Next meeting will be August, to discuss next year's officers and perhaps DSIG workshop for OLA. DSIG is considering a new platform for August meeting, Talkseda.
    3. COIL
      1. Ona Lou reported that the COIL on Wheels in Durant was a big success. The next COIL on Wheels will be in Claremore, on LibGuides.
      2. unCOILed currently has 43 registrations.
    4. Amanda Lemon reminded subgroups that Claire Powers, Amanda Lemon, Jason Cimock, and Robin Leach can assist with posting news and announcements on OK-ACRL social media outlets.

8. Website Redesign Subcommittee update

    1. Board should have received Jason Dupree's updates via email from Amanda Lemon. The web subcommittee proposes to adopt web the domain okacrl.org as official web domain. There were no objections to this recommendation.
    2. Deadline for the new OK-ACRL website is a week before the board meeting immediately before conference.

9. Proposals for registration, PO changes:

    1. There was discussion concerning treasurer Beth Jones' proposals to charge late fees for PO's that are not paid within 90 days, and to refuse new PO's from any institution that still has an outstanding PO for a previous conference.
    2. The board decided to table these proposals until next year.

10. Revisit credit card system for online registration

    1. Board was referred to Google Docs document for details on this question. After discussion, the board decided to table this proposal until next year.

11. OK-ACRL/SLA Fall Conference: -

    1. Amanda Lemon is waiting for Kevin Drees, SLA President, to respond to her questions about the conference logo, and will update the board on progress on the logos, as well as catering and parking, once she hears from him.
    2. Call for proposals wording was approved by the board.
    3. Sponsorship letters update.

12. Other

    1. Amanda Lemon encourage the board to communicate concerns with either the board listserv, her personally, or president-elect Jason Cimock.
    2. There will not be an August meeting, but business may still be conducted via email.
    3. Next meeting Friday, September 9.

13. Meeting adjourned at 1:50pm



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Oklahoma Chapter - Association of College and Research Libraries

September 9, 2011
Online through Vyew

Jason Dupree, Amanda Lemon, Kiem Ta, Toni Hoberecht, Robin Leech, James Bierman, Susan Hahn, Jason Cimock, Hui-Fen Chang, Kevin Drees, Casey Ashe

Amanda Lemon called the joint OK-ACRL - SLA meeting to order at 12:38pm.

Fall 2011 OK-ACRL/SLA Conference

  1. Sponsorship: Amanda Lemon reported on the sponsors who had already paid for their sponsorship.
  2. Conference Profits: Previous discussions on SLA and OK-ACRL sharing equally in any conference profits were confirmed.
  3. Conference Expenses: Treasurer Beth Jones had requested a budget spreadsheet of projected conference expenses. This will be made available to appropriate people from both organizations.
  4. Presentation Proposals: A number of presentation proposals have been received. The board agreed to change the deadline for notifying presenters since some are from out of state. Board will read and vote on proposals by Friday, September 16th
    1. Final sponsorship payments are due September 15th.
      1. Due date for sponsor ads is Friday, October 14th. Vendors have been informed of requirements
  5. Conference Packets: Volunteers for putting together color conference packets: Robin Leech, Jason Cimock. Hui-Fen Chang, Kiem Ta, Kevin Drees. Robin Leech ill coordinate this group.
    1. Jason Cimock volunteered to price folders and stickers for folders.
  6. Conference Website: A website is needed for vendor logos, registration form, directions and similar items. Amanda will coordinate with both SLA webmasters (Betsy Martens, Tom Rink, and Kiem Ta) and OK-ACRL webmaster (Jason Dupree) regarding the conference website location and logistics.
    1. We will need to open registration for conference by Tuesday, October 4th, which is one month before the conference.
    2. The firm deadline for all conference website information, including parking, lunch details, directions, bios, presentation blurbs, tentative agenda, is Monday, September 26th.
  7. Poster Sessions: Poster sessions proposals will be due on October 7th. The call for proposals must go out very soon. Amanda Lemon requested that board review the wording for the proposals on the Google doc supplied for this purpose.
  8. Conference Catering: David Oberhelman and Kevin Drees have been discussing the conference catering. David will be directed to follow up on his proposed several suggestions for catering options throughout the day of the conference, as well as for lunch.
  9. Parking Permits: Kevin Drees will verify permit costs. Permits should be available by October 14 so that they can be mailed to registrants.
  10. Conference Schedule: Amanda Lemon proposed a final schedule for conference events.
  11. Registration Fee: Discussion of registration fee: at a previous board meeting, the follow fee structure was proposed.
      1. $50 OK-ACRL member registration fee
      2. $50 Registration fee + $15 OK-ACRL Membership fee dues for January - December of 2012
      3. $65 Non OK-ACRL member registration fee
  12. Gifts for Speaker: A gift for the keynote speaker was discussed.
  13. Next Meeting: Both the OK-ACRL board and the SLA board will meet in person at Stillwater on Friday October 14.
  14. Conference Hotel: The Atherton Hotel on OSU Campus was suggested as the conference hotel.
  15. Joint meeting adjourned.

OK-ACRL Board Meeting

  1. Approval of July minutes: Minutes were approved.
  2. OK-ACRL Treasurer's Report:
    1. Treasurer Beth Jones has filed tax forms.
    2. Current balance is $8,903.78
    3. Treasurer is still working on 501 3(c) filing.
    4. Treasurer recommended transparency in income and expenses.
  3. Reports from Subgroups:
    1. PASIG: Jenny Remple reported.
      1. PASIG will send out a call for new officers.
      2. Risa White will host an online meeting in October.
    2. DSIG: Casey Ashe reported.
      1. DSIG magnets have been ordered.
      2. DSIG will be soliciting nominations for new officers.
      3. There will be a meeting in early October
    3. COIL: No report.
  4. Update on 2012 Elections for OK-ACRL Board
    1. Jason Cimock reported that here has been interest in new board positions.
    2. He requested that board members send him suggestions for president-elect.
    3. A ballot will be complete by the end of September.
  5. Updates from National ACRL: We will not be eligible for ACRL Chapter Allocations until we have completed the 501 3(c) filing process.
  6. Website Redesign
    1. Jason Dupree reported that the subcommittee recommends using GoDaddy for domain registration for 10 years.
    2. The subcommittee also recommends Bluehost for a period of one year, during which time the Board will evaluate the host's performance.
    3. The Board approved both recommendations and associated expenses. The Treasurer will set up these purchases, so that recurring payment notices will be sent directly to the Treasurer.
  7. Outstanding Service Award nominations: Amanda Lemon reminded the board that Outstanding Service Award nominations are due by Friday, September 30th. So far there have been no nominations.
  8. Meeting adjourned at 2:12pm.


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Oklahoma Chapter - Association of College and Research Libraries

October 14, 2011
Edmon Low Library, Oklahoma State University

Conference Planning Meeting
Present: Beth Jones, Ona Britton, Hui Fen Chang, David Oberhelman, Kevin Drees, Amanda Lemon, Robin Leech, Toni Hoberecht

  1. Welcome
    1. Meeting was called to order at 1:22pm
  2. Treasurer Update/Conference Expenses
    1. The treasurer reported a current bank balance of $8,815.48.
    2. The treasurer has shared a spreadsheet with total revenues expenses and net profit for OK-ACRL.
    3. Conference expense spreadsheet has been shared with Amanda Lemon, Kevin Drees, and Susan Hahn.
    4. OKSLA has requested clarification on the proceeds of the conference. Costs will be split fifty-fifty, but any profits above that will be prorated per attendee affiliation, as agreed in our February meeting.
    5. Beth Jones is sending parking permits to anyone who had an address in the conference registration form. Deadline for mailing out permits should be two weeks before conference, to allow for timely delivery to campus addresses.
    6. Presenters will not be required to pay registration fee.
  3. Presenters/Poster Sessions Update
    1. All nine presenters have confirmed.
    2. All seven poster submissions were approved.
  4. Conference website
    1. Jason Dupree has put up the conference website up very quickly. The board agreed that thanks were due to Jason for his excellent work.
  5. Website/Registration Update
    1. 32 are registered so far including presenters.
  6. Marketing Updates
    1. Program draft is available for review. Not all sponsors have paid or sent copy for their program ads. Amanda Lemon will follow up on those today.
    2. Costs for a full-color conference brochure are prohibitive. Board chair will check costs for full color cover and ads, and black and white content.
    3. Cost for folders with conference stickers are reasonable, and the board authorized this expenditure.
    4. Some supplies are leftover from previous events. Beth Jones will preprint name badges using some of these supplies, and we can use surplus labels for the conference folders.
    5. Kevin Drees will investigate SLA badge ribbons.
    6. Both Toni Hoberecht and Amanda Lemon will investigate sources for conference day pencils at their institutions.
  7. Catering updates
    1. David Oberhelman said that catering costs would be for actual numbers served.
  8. Conference day schedule
    1. Keynote speaker Dr. Sternberg will arrive at 10:15 and will begin speaking at 10:30. His talk, including the Q&A portion, will last one hour.
    2. Amanda Lemon has given presenters their time periods. She will send the presenter schedule via email to all.
  9. Parking updates
    1. Parking permits are being mailed as the registrations are made, up to two weeks before the conference. A correction to the driving direction on the website will be made
    2. Board discussed purchasing small "garage sale" type signs to direct attendees to parking and to conference.
  10. Keynote speaker gift
    1. Kevin Drees will follow up with Sternberg's secretary to find out if a speaker's gift is appropriate.
    2. Suggestions for a gift include a "Made in Oklahoma" gift basket. A price of between $50 and $75 was considered appropriate. Ona Britton-Spears and Amanda Lemon will both price gift baskets.
  11. Door prizes
    1. Board discussed and approved the following of door prizes for attendees:
      1. Kindle Fire
      2. Fifty dollar gift card from Amazon
      3. Twenty-five dollars Starbucks card
    2. Treasurer will purchase these.
  12. Conference day details
    1. Facilities map: We need a map of the conference facilities for the website. Kevin Drees said that he has this map.
    2. Photos: Amanda Lemon will email people who might be willing to be photographers the day of the event.
    3. Presenter introductions
      1. Amanda Lemon will assign willing board members to introduce each presenter and to be room monitors.
      2. Amanda Lemon will also get bios from presenters, and ask them if they have any other needs.
      3. We will post all available presenter material to the website after the conference.
    4. Wireless access: We still need wireless access information so that we can put it in the program. Amanda and Kevin will email each other concerning these details.
    5. Conference Evaluations: There was discussion about having conference evaluations available via QR code. The link for evaluations should be available the day of the conference.
  13. Conference planning portion of meeting adjourned at 2:44pm.

Regular OK-ACRL Board meeting

Present: Beth Jones, Ona Britton, Hui Fen Chang, David Oberhelman, Amanda Lemon, Robin Leech, Toni Hoberecht

  1. Minutes from September OK-ACRL meeting
    1. Minutes approved
  2. Color palette for website
    1. Board approved the colors that Toni Hoberecht proposed in the Google doc that was distributed to board. Toni will forward colors to Jason.
    2. Jason Dupree's report: Website colors are being chosen. We are holding off on GoDaddy domain name registration until we complete the 501 3(c) process.
  3. Interest groups reports
    1. DSIG: no report.
    2. PASIG: Beth Jones reported that PASIG met last week. The person who was set to be chair has moved to another library, so another candidate must be round.
    3. COIL: no report. We have not yet had a report on their summer workshop.
  4. Conference program subcommittee: This subcommittee will meet after the regular meeting.
  5. 2012 Officers Ballot: There was a question as to whether there will be a paper ballot at the conference. The vote ends officially on November 4. We did provide a ballot last year.
  6. Outstanding service award: Members eligible for voting discussed some practical issues regarding the selection of candidates. We will continue the process as is for this year, but the board should discuss his and clarify these issues for next year.
  7. Meeting adjourned.



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Oklahoma Chapter - Association of College and Research Libraries

Annual Conference Business Meeting
November 4, 2011
Oklahoma State University

  1. President Amanda Lemon welcomed OK-ACRL Conference attendees.
    1. Amanda thanked sponsors Gale and Springer for breakfast and snacks, and EBSCO for lunch. Thanks also go to conference partner OKSLA.
  2. 2011 in review
    1. We filed a tax return, thanks to treasurer Beth Jones.
    2. Beth Jones and Kiem Ta worked on 501 (c)(3)application. Our goal is to have this done by January.
    3. Our satisfaction survey showed that most members were satisfied.
    4. We have presented by-laws changes to the membership.
    5. We instituted an annual Outstanding Service Award.
    6. We started a website redesign.
    7. We purchased Vyew for online meetings.
    8. We started a mentorship program with OU SLIS students. A jobs/CV workshop in the spring went well.
    9. We brought back the newsletter.
    10. The COIL subgroup had another successful COIL workshop. PASIG will also have one, and DSIG selected Nicole Sump-Crethar as their new chair.
    11. We have new and improved membership and board listservs (Thanks to Casey Ashe and Adam Brennan.)
  3. President-Elect Jason Cimock discussed by-laws changes.
    1. The by-laws subcommittee wanted to change the by-laws to reflect current practice. He outlined the proposed changes, and welcomed questions from the membership. A summary of the changes (sent via email to all members) is attached as an appendix to this document.
  4. Elections for board officers
    1. The elections have been conducted by electronic ballot this year, and members all have the opportunity to vote online. Candidates who were present at the meeting were invited to stand. The deadline for voting will be extended for another week due to a problem with the balloting system.
  5. Legislative issues
    1. OK-ACRL legislative liaison Barbara Miller encouraged the membership to get involved with lobbying for issues of interest to the organization. She briefly discussed some pertinent issues soon to be appearing in front of the state legislature. All are invited to join in OLA's Legislative Day on April 11th.
    2. Issues included:
      1. IT issues (possible centralization of state IT services)
      2. State vs. Regents control of tuition
      3. New federal curriculum guideline
  6. Website redesign
    1. Jason Dupree summarized progress on OK-ACRL's new website. The soft deadline for the website launch is January 1, 2012.
  7. Outstanding Service Award
    1. The winner of this year's Outstanding Service Award is Jason Dupree
  8. Adjournment




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Oklahoma Chapter - Association of College and Research Libraries

December 9, 2011
Bravó Italian Restaurant

Present: Jason Cimock, Casey Ashe, Angela Brunk, Jenny Remple, David Oberhelman, Ona Britton Spears, April Schweikhard, Jason Dupree, Beth Jones, Erin Ingraham, Frederic Murray, Toni Hoberecht, Victor Baeza, Clair Powers, Adam Brennan, Nicole Sump-Creathar. 

  1. Welcome
    1. Meeting was called to order at 12pm.
  2. Minutes
    1. The minutes from the last meeting were approved with a correction. Casey Ashe requested that the minutes include the details of the legislative issues presented in Barbara Miller's report at the OK-ACRL conference.
  3. Thanks and Welcome
    1. Jason Cimock thanked all outgoing board members for their service, and welcomed new board members.
  4. Next meeting
    1. The next meeting will be on Friday, January 13, 2012, at 12:30pm, through Vyew.
  5. Adjournment



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